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From learning Spanish or English to meeting the challenges of Test Preparation, the Learning Center specializes in developing individualized curricula and learning plans to help you meet your educational goals. In addition, we are here to help you with your writing and translation needs.

English Classes and test preparation

English Classes

Our unique approach to teaching English allows us to custom design classes specific to your needs and interests. We work hard to make sure you advance as quickly as possible in Speaking, Pronunciation, Listening, Writing, Reading, and Grammar, regardless of your English level through creative, engaging classes.

We are currently accepting students ages 5-95.

All classes are private and scheduled for your convenience.

Classes are a minimum of 1 hour. $45 USD an hour or $400 USD for 10 hours. There is never a registration fee or additional cost for materials.

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Test Preparation

We offer individualized instruction to prepare you for the following exams:

TOEFL (IBT and Institutional)


Cambridge English Language Exams and Trinity English Language Exams

Within the United States we offer test preparation for:


Statewide English Language Arts Exams (Grades 3-12)

Statewide Math Exams (Grades 3-12)

We specialize in preparing for the essay section of any standardized exam.

Test preparation classes are $55 USD per hour or 10 hours for $500 USD.

Spanish Classes

Learning Spanish opens more avenues of communication among the fastest growing population in the United States. With tens of millions of Spanish speakers living in this country, having some knowledge of Spanish is important for members of the business community, healthcare professionals, and for anyone who desires to understand and take part in the diverse cultures present in the United States. In addition, businesses looking to expand to Latin America need their employees to be able to communicate in Spanish.

We offer private Spanish classes to professionals and interested students of all ages. We also offer academic tutoring.

Each class is custom designed for you—your level of Spanish, specific needs, interests, and goals.

We offer Spanish classes at all levels with an emphasis on:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation

In addition we offer specialized courses to meet your professional needs and interests:

  • Medical Spanish
  • Legal Spanish
  • Business Spanish
  • Spanish for Artists/Graphic Designers
  • Academic Spanish
  • Spanish Literature
  • Academic and Essay Writing in Spanish
  • Mesoamerican History, Art and Culture

Our online private classes are only taught by native Spanish speakers who are also fluent in English. Class times are flexible to your schedule. One class is $45 USD or 10 classes for $400 USD.

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Writing Lab

Whether you are learning English or English is your native language, it can be a struggle to write academic papers, business correspondence, proposals/presentations, etc.

We are here to guide you through the writing process:

  • brainstorm/organize your ideas
  • outline your writing
  • guide you in writing a complete draft
  • revise/edit your draft
  • proofread your final draft

Even if you’ve waited until the last minute to start your work, don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Prices vary based on the help you need. Contact us today!


At the Moradian Learning Center, we understand that many of our students and other members of the international community need writing translated, so we are proud to provide fast, reliable, and accurate translation accompanied by a signed certificate.

We offer translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English of any type of document. We specialize in the following types of documents:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Accounting
  • Academic
  • Business Presentations

Please contact us today for a price quote and time estimate to translate your document.

About Us

The Moradian Learning Center was founded by Afsaneh Moradian, when she realized that too many students were paying for English classes at language schools yet weren’t able to use English to communicate and compete for higher paying jobs. She decided to use her experience as a New York State certified teacher to offer effective, individualized classes that could advance the language needs of adults and children.


Our teaching philosophy is that everyone can learn and excel, if provided with the right individualized instruction. We find out what you want to learn, how you learn best, and then we design a curriculum that will enable you to meet your goals. We use creative and innovative approaches to teaching as a means of opening new doors of communication, and with them more and better opportunities for our students.

The team

    Founder & CEO
  • Afsaneh is responsible for English classes, test preparation and translation. She has been teaching for over 15 years from preschool to graduate school, and is often invited to give teacher training workshops and speak at educational conferences. Her vast experience in working with different ages, academic levels, and cultures has given her the ability to work with anyone and help them achieve their learning goals.
  • René González RENÉ GONZALEZ
    Instructor & Creative Director
  • Spanish classes are taught by René who began his teaching career as a preschool teacher in 1997 and has since taught at elementary, secondary and university level. In addition, he is a graphic artist, writer, and researcher of American indigenous languages.


"In college, I would contact the Moradian Learning Center when I needed help with a paper. Afsaneh was always there to help me out in a jam and help my grades stay up."

Alejandra, Houston, TX

"Afsaneh Moradian has tutored my daughter for two years. She has helped her enormously, both while she was tutoring her and long afterwards. She never just told her what to write. Rather, she helped my daughter to dig into her own mind and discover her own ideas. Afsaneh is extremely creative, and both her high school students and her college students greatly benefit from her expertise."

Susan, New York City

"Afsaneh is an excellent teacher and she uses a very efficient method. In fact she helps you to learn a language and its grammar through conversation but paying attention to the student interests and using topics that are familiar for the student during the discussions. That is very useful because you learn faster if you're talking about a theme that you are interested in. She cares about the specific learning needs of the student, looking for the better way to improve the language skills of each one. With her classes you can learn English quickly and it's enjoyable."

Camilla, Rome, Italy

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